Love at First Cuddle:

"My eight month old daughter had an instant attachment to her LARA the LAMB - LUSH LOVIE.  She grabs for it every time it is in eyesight and has spent tons of time snuggling with it and playing with the lamb head.  With our daughter being our first child, we received tons of blankets and never before has she responded this way to any of them.  This is definitely going to be her blanket that she brings everywhere and that is great for us as it is extremely high quality, incredibly soft and very durable.  It even has a great velcro piece so she can wrap it around herself!  We are all in love with this blanket and I would highly recommend them to any parent."

~Taryn, ON Canada~


"Was given a LUSH LOVIE - DOTTIE the DUCK by Jodie Podie for my baby girl and we both fell in love with it! It gives her a warm cozy feeling and comforts her like a big warm hug. She sleeps with her 'ducky' every night and is always snuggled up close when she awakes in the morning.

Amazing quality blanket that is a thicker, softer material than just a simple blanket and is easily cleaned in the washing machine...she drags it all over the house and after a quick wash it still looks like new. Would highly recommend this blanket as a gift or for your little one at home!"

~ Patti, ON Canada ~


"LUSH LOVIE - LARA the LAMB, is one baby gift that we already know is going to be a memorable childhood companion for Elizabeth for a long time.

When she was fussy in those first few months, we cuddled her in it to get her to sleep. And I can't lie, the lovely material made those 3 AM snuggles a little bit easier.

When Elizabeth began to explore the world around her, she loved playing with the cute little face and trying all the different textures.

Her toddler cousin Chloe loves cuddles with Lara too. Chloe loved it so much we had to get her one of her own! It's now her choice nap companion.

And funniest of all, I've even caught grandpa snuggling with the Lush Lovie from time to time! But then again, who doesn't like a good cuddle with such a cute little character?"

~ Laura, ON Canada ~


"Upon receiving the LARA the LAMB - LUSH LOVIE we were quite impressed by the packaging. It was nice to see some of the little touches that were added to this high end item. The thank you printing on the protective cardboard is a great addition to add value to cardboard. This sheet also protects the product from knife blades that may venture a little too far past the packing tape. Using the support board in the centre as the instructions for turning the blanket into a cuddly lamb friend was perfect for reducing unnecessary waste and providing a more durable instruction sheet in a house full of little ones. The packaging was easy to get into once you were past the shipping box, the lack of tape and ties is always a welcome sight with packaging.

The product is extremely well made and very soft, the stitching is flawless and by having the eyes and nose stitched there is no choking hazard. The soft underside will be great for sleeping with once our son and daughter are a little older. For now they are content rolling around on the floor with the product while we watch them. The highlight for our 6 month olds is the care instruction tab, so we will not remove it; removing this tab would be difficult if we wanted to without cutting off part of the instructions because the letters are so close to the blanket. We would be concerned to remove it as we might damage the blanket in an attempt to not lose the care instructions.

I was a little surprised to see that the male side of the Velcro was not hidden to protect little ones from the scratchy surface, but the Velcro was not as rough as I expected and it should be ok for the little ones. It would have been a nice touch to have had a spare soft piece to place on top of the Velcro for when you are not using it as a folded up friend.

It is nice to know that there are still companies out there that focus on quality and materials. Supporting a local company with a terrific product in my opinion is worth the cost difference over box store blankets. I look forward to years of enjoyment of this product."

~ Mike ON Canada ~



Anne from Zephyr Hill Blog writes:  

Does your child have a toy or blanket that provides comfort and security? Over the years, our little ones have become attached to “lovies” of all kinds, including thumbs and stuffed animals. Our “baby,” Ingrid, has even started carrying around my nightgown for comfort because it is the one I nursed her in for so long!

And now Ingrid has another cozy friend, her Lara the Lamb Lush Lovie, from Jodie Podie, a mom-owned Canadian company. Jodie sent us this huggable friend in exchange for an honest review AND offered to give away a Lush Lovie to one of my readers!

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Danielle from Mama to Macy writes:

Todays post and photoshoot is about the Connie the Cow Lush Lovie. When I first opened this luxurious lush lovie , Macy instantly pointed and said “Whats that!”. Macy loved petting the plush cow head attached to the blanket calling it a puppy. I love that this cozy minky blanket has a head and tail…makes it super huggable! I so wish I had Connie the Cow when Macy was taking part in “tummy time”, the head rests on the blanket for your little one to interact with.Also when the blanket is not in use it folds up easily into a cow character. This afternoon Macy and I went for a walk to the park in the sun and her lush lovey was a great stroller companion! When we went to go sit on the grass she loved sitting on it and playing with Connie’s head kept her interested in staying seated and not running away from me. When I let Macy walk down the path she brought Connie along – I can tell an attachment is growing.

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Brittany Hall from @brithall_ writes:

This beautiful plush baby blanket/stuffie is by @jodiepodie__ , she is an awesome local entrepreneur offering luxury baby products! Titus is snuggling up with one of her gorgeous Lush Lovies, Lara the Lamb, with his name embroidered for a personalized touch (offered to local orders or referral orders)! She specializes in these Lush Lovies as well as hooded ponchos that double as warm wearable car seat covers. Check out her website (link in her profile), to see more of her beautiful, locally hand crafted pieces and to order! I just loved receiving this parcel in the mail, the packaging is so well done and pretty, perfect for gifting! This will be a staple for Titus as he grows, snuggling with it now, learning to roll over and crawl on in later! Thanks Jodie!!

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